I have been a litigator since 1996. I bring trial skills with my training as a mediator to advocacy and client counseling. I attend meetings and mediation sessions in New York to avoid litigation if possible, and obtain as quick and amicable a resolution if appropriate. I coach clients to improve their advocacy during school meetings to achieve non-adversarial outcomes. I also litigate aggressively to obtain desired results for my clients.
My experience as an attorney representing parents in the New York City Department of Education, the nation’s largest school system, has given me an appreciation for the difficulty of obtaining special education programs finely tuned to students’ specific needs. My advocacy includes securing make up services, workable 504 plans, and private school tuition when the public system is unable to provide a free appropriate education.
Promoting the legal rights of people with disabilities is a challenging and complex area of civil rights law. It demands acceptance, accommodation and privacy in equal measure.  My approach to special education advocacy embraces these principles.
Families of students with special educational needs require powerful yet compassionate legal advocacy to obtain appropriate education services. This often involves breaking through bureaucratic barriers while developing trusting, sustainable relationships with the district and the school.

Special Education Law

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